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Steve Wozniak

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About Speaker Steve Wozniak

Keynote Speaker Steve Wozniak is a man who needs no introduction. His contributions to the advancement of technology and personal computing have changed the world forever. Outside of Apple and other business ventures, Steve is a champion of creativity and education for future generations. It should come as no surprise he is one of the most booked keynote speakers for company events and industry conferences.

Steve is the son of an engineer. He credits his affinity for Star Trek as a driving force to create new technology in his early years. Now here’s something you may not know about him. Would you believe the eventual co-founder of the most iconic tech company in the world was expelled from the University of Colorado? That’s right, Steve got the boot for hacking the university’s computer system and sending prank messages. His sense of humor was one of the things that brought he and Steve Jobs together. Their joint affinity for electronics and playful pranks was a perfect match.

His career with Apple was quite the ride throughout the 70’s and 80’s. Steve holds 4 patents from his work with Apple as well as a spot in the Inventors Hall of Fame. In addition, Steve received the National Medal of Technology by the President of the United States in 1985. His life post Apple has been largely focused on consulting startups and tech companies as well as childhood education.

Steve is the founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation in addition to sponsoring the Tech Museum, Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose and the Silicon Valley Ballet. He has a passion for educating others and using his resources to help move the world forward. This comes in the form of equipment donations, teaching classes as well as speaking at events and conferences.

One of the coolest things about Steve is his views on wealth and it’s power to control you. He’s always said he didn’t want to be near the money because it can corrupt your values. As a result, he encourages free thinking and creativity with less of an emphasis on profitability. Profitability comes naturally to those ideas that create positive ripple effects in specific industries and the world as a whole. Likewise, he only invests in opportunities that align with his own personal values and outlooks.

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