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Matthew Luhn

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$25,000 - $50,000



About Speaker Matthew Luhn

Matthew Luhn is an expert storyteller and animator who had a hand in creating the characters and stories in many iconic Pixar films such as Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., Cars and Ratatouille. In business, stories win. That’s what makes Matthew such a great keynote speaker. He helps organizations tell their brand stories to build more effective messaging and create better connections with their target audience. To innovation and beyond!

Matthew fully understands the power of a good story. In fact, his own story is perhaps more interesting than those he creates. His father instilled a love for drawing, art, animation and Walt Disney growing up. Matthew got his first taste of story consulting as the youngest animator on The Simpsons at 19. His second short film while at the California Institute of the Arts then landed him a job at Pixar. He loved to stop by the story room and listen to the team discuss characters and stories for some of Pixar’s biggest films.

Eventually, Matthew learned the ropes and was asked to join the story team at Pixar to be on the team of writers and animators for Toy Story 2. He then went on to work as a lead consultant on virtually every major Pixar hit film in the last few decades. Yes, Finding Nemo too! A number of characters in these movies stem from Matthew’s own childhood friends and experiences. His first book, The Best Story Wins, was published in the fall of 2018.

Not only did Matthew learn the art of effective storytelling while at Pixar, but he also found proven methods to inspire creativity in the workplace. Matthew uses his wealth of knowledge to help organizations embrace the power of storytelling in their overall brand strategy. He challenges you to harness the potential of your imagination through positive and productive communication. He has a pretty impressive resume of clients that includes Apple, Google, Facebook, Adidas, Microsoft and Sony.

Matthew provides story seminars, internal workshops, keynotes and moderated Q&A sessions. He also loves to interact with the audience through open Q&A and meet and greets.

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