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Katrina Lake

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About Speaker Katrina Lake

Katrina Lake revolutionized e-commerce and personalized style when she founded Stitch Fix in 2011. Now she’s one of the wealthiest self-made women in America. She maximizes data, algorithms and an army of personal stylists to improve the online shopping experience for millions of customers around the world. As a keynote speaker, Katrina shares the Stitch Fix story and how her client-first mentality combined with data science has led to huge results.

Leading a billion dollar company in this day and age is not easy. You have to be agile. Leverage your data and technology. Have a killer digital marketing strategy and most importantly create a company culture for success. And that’s just the half of it! Katrina can cover all of these topics and more. She’s great at the art of the pitch, networking, empowering future entrepreneurs and helping current companies revamp their business models. She’s a regular at women’s conferences, tech events and business conventions. Katrina is also a great draw for college and university audiences.

Katrina didn’t always want to be an entrepreneur. She originally planned to become a doctor but was fascinated by economics and business classes in undergrad at Stanford. That fascination quickly turned into a passion in her early jobs in fashion, retail and technology. It was during this time that Katrina realized the current e-commerce shopping experience was broken and brick and mortar stores were becoming a thing of the past. The world needed a new way to shop. A new way to find their style. Thus, her idea for Stitch Fix was born. There was a need in the marketplace and she had a brilliant idea to meet that need.

So just how did she do it? Stitch Fix came to life while Katrina earned her MBA from Harvard. The company officially launched in 2011 out of her apartment in Massachusetts with a focus on female clientele. In 2012, Katrina was introduced to Netflix VP of Data Science & Engineering Eric Colston. He initially dismissed the idea but couldn’t resist. He decided to join the company a few months later. Together with Eric and team, Katrina combined data science and her own marketing prowess to catapult the company forward. Over the next several years, she leveraged her team and limited funding to create a bonafide industry leader in online retail. The company has now expanded to other categories including mens, maternity, petites and children’s clothes.

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