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Eddy Lu

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$50,000 - $100,000



About Speaker Eddy Lu

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again. Keynote Speaker Eddy Lu is living proof of that mantra. He’s the Co-Founder & CEO of GOAT, the world’s most trusted online marketplace for sneakers, apparel and accessories. The app and online marketplace boasts over 30 million members from 170 countries buying and selling goods. It’s a modern day eBay with trusted authentication and a better shopping experience.

Yet Eddy’s incredible success with the GOAT Group is quite the story. Leap of faith after leap of faith. Using failure as fuel to create the future of an industry. Together with partner and friend Daishin Sugano, they quit their jobs at Lehman Brothers in 2007 to design 99 cent iPhone games. They started a high end tea brand before moving into golf apparel and Japanese cream puffs. Their most successful venture was a meal-with-strangers app called GrubWithUs. The entrepreneurial fire was there, but nothing was catching on.

As the story goes, Daishin received a fake pair of Jordan 5 shoes from eBay. The shoes were a nostalgic model from Daishin’s childhood. The disappointment revealed a poignant issue for likeminded consumers. That was it! Eddy and Daishin vowed to create a sneaker marketplace that would win consumer trust by authenticating everything. Since it’s inception in 2015, GOAT’s ability to scale and adapt to the marketplace has been a masterclass for startups and industry disruptors.

According to Forbes, the sneaker market is a billion dollar industry and growing. GOAT is groundbreaking much in the way that Google and Amazon redefined the online shopping experience. Eddy focuses on the C2C market. These consumers face a number of challenges when buying online. Namely, confirming authenticity of an item in addition to making sure they’re getting the best price for that item. For sellers, they want to maximize profit and know a buyer’s good for the money before they ship the item. GOAT satisfies both sides of the aisle.

Eddy is the perfect keynote speaker for campus and university events as well as startup conferences and business forums. Contact Leading Motivational Speakers at info@leadingmotivationalspeakers.com to book Keynote Speaker Eddy Lu for your next event.

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