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Tracy Walder

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About Speaker Tracy Walder

So just how did a sorority girl from California end up on the hunt for some of the most dangerous terrorists in the world? Tracy Walder is quite the unassuming character, but her life story is anything but ordinary. Today she lives a modest life as a teacher and motivational speaker in Texas. What she has done to protect the U.S. and the world at large is nothing short of heroic. In February of 2020, she released her tell all book titled The Unexpected Spy: My Secret Life Chasing Down Some of the World’s Most Notorious Terrorists. Tracy’s story will soon come to life as a TV series for ABC.

When you think of a spy, you think of men in black trench coats. Guys with stylish sunglasses and cool gadgets. It’s a male-dominated special ops field. Meet Tracy Walder. She was a history major in a sorority at USC when she first met with a CIA recruiter at a career fair. Upon graduating, she spent the next four years working for the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.

Tracy was involved in many high-risk operations in Afghanistan and around the world. She was on the ground in war zones, took on aliases, gathered intelligence and ultimately helped thwart future terrorist attacks. All this while being one of the youngest people and one of the only females in the room. Following her stint with the CIA, Tracy then began working as special agent at the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office. She is one of very few women ever to work for both of the U.S.’s top intelligence agencies.

Now Tracy has left all her spy work behind to educate and inspire others as a teacher and motivational speaker. She is a teacher at an all-girls academy in Texas where she teaches history and her own course on espionage and foreign affairs. Tracy sits on the board for Girl Security, an education nonprofit that encourages young women to pursue jobs in national security. She encourages audiences to embrace a “why not?” attitude when it comes to their career possibilities. In addition, she empowers individuals to have the confidence to change the world.

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