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About Speaker Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. His records set the bar high but his legacy as a leader and teammate set a new standard for others on and off the field. Peyton now runs a new offense as a motivational keynote speaker. He brings his special brand of humor and candor to the stage to provide lifelong lessons in leadership, team building, company strategy and overcoming adversity. Additionally, Peyton often provides motivational messages for nonprofit events, fundraisers and sports banquets.

Peyton’s playing days may be over, but he’s anything but retired. He regularly appears in hilarious ads for companies like Nationwide and EA Sports in addition to his busy speaking schedule. He has his own show on ESPN+ called Peyton’s Places, a football themed documentary show. During the summer, he joins his father Archie and brothers Eli and Cooper in Louisiana to run the Manning Passing Academy. Peyton is also quite the philanthropist. He dedicates his time to building up our nation’s youth through his own nonprofit and close work with the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St. Vincent in Indianapolis.

The Indianapolis Colts drafted Peyton #1 overall in 1998. He memorized the playbook in a week and never looked back. He brought a new energy to the franchise and ultimately a Super Bowl and several MVP awards. Perhaps Peyton’s defining moment in the NFL came when he had two neck surgeries to fuse his spine together. Then went on to win a second Super Bowl in his last season with the Denver Broncos. Think about that for a second. A man playing one of the most physical sports with a fused neck leading his team to victory. Unbelievable.

Now that Eli is retired, the Manning brothers make regular appearances together. This is a super fun opportunity for organizations to get a more in-depth conversation about life as a Manning both personally and professionally.

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