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Josh Luber

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About Speaker Josh Luber

You’ve heard of the New York Stock Exchange, but what about StockX? Keynote Speaker Josh Luber is the pop culture visionary behind StockX, a disruptive online stock market for luxury goods and limited edition items. What started as a childhood hobby of collecting shoes ultimately led to what the world now recognizes as the premiere online marketplace for authentic sneakers, apparel, handbags, collectables and more.

Many do not realize just how big the sneaker reselling business has become. According to Forbes, it’s a billion dollar industry and growing. StockX is groundbreaking much in the way that Google and Amazon redefined the online surfing and shopping experience. B2C and C2C buying and selling online has been happening for decades. Josh’s focus is on the C2C market. These consumers face a number of challenges when buying online. Namely, confirming authenticity of an item in addition to making sure they’re getting the best price for that item. For sellers, they want to maximize profit and know a buyer’s good for the money before they ship the item.

There is a need for someone to make sense of this wild west sneaker standoff. Enter Josh Luber. Sneaker collecting was a passion he carried with him all the way through undergrad, business and law school at Emory University. He landed a job at IBM but his side project was called Campless. It was essentially StockX in beta form, using data to confirm and predict the going rate for certain sneakers and upcoming sneaker releases. Josh had a hand in the creation of a few other startups before StockX, none of them having to do with sneakers.

He says he intentionally didn’t want to create a startup associated with sneakers almost out of fear that it was just an excuse to play with sneakers. Funny how his most lucrative business ends up being the one that combines his favorite hobby as well as his business acumen. He’s living the dream! It’s incredibly interesting to see how Josh breaks down the sneaker selling industry (read more here). He studies it just like any other business or market analyst.

Josh made practical leaps of faith that led to the founding of StockX in 2015. Not only that, StockX has been a gateway for individuals to learn business and entrepreneurial skills while indulging their passions for sneakers, streetwear and luxury goods. Josh’s advice for business success boils down to two things. First, talk to everybody about everything. Don’t hold back because you’re afraid someone will steal your idea. Ideas are worthless. Execution is the only thing that matters. Secondarily, just start! You can’t move forward with an idea if you don’t start. Even if you don’t know all the answers, you will figure it out along the way.

Josh is the perfect keynote speaker for campus and university events as well as startup conferences and business forums. Contact Leading Motivational Speakers at info@leadingmotivationalspeakers.com to book Keynote Speaker Josh Luber for your next event.

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